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Home Improvement Ideas during Recession


With the country still in an economic recession, the purchasing power of a lot of families has drastically reduced. People who would have contemplated changing homes in the good times have decided to stay put, until things get better. A couple of us belong to this group.

However, for us that have decided to remain in our present homes instead of moving, we could look at several home improvements to make our homes more comfortable and appealing once again without going broke.

I have personally come to terms that many home improvement projects do not add value to your home, especially in down times. In fact, some improvements embarked on even reduce the value attached to your home.

So, which home improvement projects can one invest in in times like this?

Save Money by Saving Energy

In a recession, everyone looks for how to control their expenses, so reducing energy costs makes a whole lot of sense. If anyone can make a serious commitment to reducing energy costs by utilizing solar energy using solar panels and, more recently, solar-power inverters, it can save a lot of money in the long run taking into consideration the state of power in the country and the associated rise in petrol and diesel costs for running generators.

While using clean alternative sources of energy is encouraged, the use of appliances that are not energy efficient may limit the potential benefits that could be enjoyed. A simple replacement of all incandescent bulbs to more energy efficient bulbs could reduce lighting costs by as much as 70%. When combined with the use of home appliances that are Energy-Star rated, total power costs could be reduced by as much as 50%.

Insulating your premises with double-glazed windows is another way savings can be made on utility bills. Double-glazed windows are basically two pieces of glass that trap air in-between and act as insulators. This type of windows prevents the heat within the building from escaping, reduces condensation, reduces energy consumption and cuts down on expensive running costs. There are people that do not operate some ACs in their apartments for extended periods of time because of this thereby reducing energy bills.

Transform your Home by Painting

Another home improvement idea that can drastically change the entire outlook of your home is painting. When it comes to expenses on remodeling a home, especially in the kitchen or living room, prices can run the gamut. You can get the biggest bang for your buck on a home remodeling project by looking at colour. Fresh paint, in modern colours, can go a long way towards upgrading the look of your home. Paint is cheap hence a budget-friendly option for anyone looking for an obvious change in the look and feel of one’s home. Low VOC paints should be considered though as they are known to be eco-friendly, devoid of harmful chemicals that can cause breathing problems (as contained in regular paints), as well as last longer than regular paints.

Think Function Over Form

This recession has homeowners double-checking their home improvement budgets. A common question asked by homeowners interested in carrying out home improvements this period is “How do we put a lot into the bathroom and kitchen without having to go with expensive items?”. It is more of function over form these days. Not that the remodeling works will end up being eyesores. Modest remodeling projects can still look unique and classy by using Shaker design templates, which focus on plain, durable furnishings.

In all, the recession makes everyone more money-conscious, but there are times when you simply must spend some money to prevent huge and potentially dangerous damage in the future. It may be taking care of that constant leak that comes from the roof, or electrical/water problems. Make sure you plan carefully. Timing is everything! Even if you are taking on projects that seem financially taxing considering the recession, completing them at the right time can save you money.

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